What do Arabs Know Roundabouts?

As this sign shows in both Arabic and English no one knows where the hell they are going and what will happen next in the Middle East.

In Two Minds About Visiting

I went to a few Middle eastern and Arab countries while I was travelling around researching my Travelogue and I have to say and I have to stress that if you are considering holidaying or worse living in any country in the Middle East do yourself a favour – DON’T!

There isn’t one country that could boast having just three elements for a successful visit these three important elements are of course:

  • Cleanliness

  • Personal Safety Guarantee

  • Inviting Citizens – they are only after your dollars

But then of course that criticism applies to a number of countries that believe for reasons best known to themselves that they would make great family holiday destinations, such as Great Britain, India, South Africa and so on.

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