London’s Olympic Rehearsal?

Did you all see the cover of Private Eye showing London’s Olympic Rehearsal? They’ve been doing what the Onion News does for 50 years!

If not here it is and I think it could be hilarious if it wasn’t true. Sadly London is a polluted, over crowded, dirty and dangerous place which is almost as dangerous as well any other major capital city in the world and the London Olympics will just make things worse.

Londons Olympic Rehearsal

Mind you London can look nice especially when it is empty.

London Bridge

But then it is only empty when it is cold and people walk to work because the roads are choked with broken snow ploughs and burning gritting lorries. If you are American and reading this you may not know that a snow plough is a ‘snow plow’ and gritting lorries whether alight or not are gritting trucks hope that helps.

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