A New Human Pastime?

Recently I saw this sign in Texas and was appalled.

A New Human Pastime

So I’m guessing that this new human pastime is going to overtake Paintball as the latest craze to get rid of pent up aggression. It seems a shame to me that no one thinks about the kid first though, I can’t imagine kids want to be dented in any way! Not only that judging by the portrait it looks as though everyone wants to pick on the fat kid as usual!

“Shame on you humans,” is all I can think of saying because for once I am ever so close to speechless. Happily I’m not completely speechless but when you think about it for me criticising humans is rather counter productive when one is trying to sell them one’s book, which you can get here Amazon.com and of course here on my www – Wickedly Wonderful Website www.thecatsdiary.com isn’t it?

So with the above in mind I think I will do what a lot of people have asked me to do over the years and shut the ‘f’ up. Personally I am still trying to work out what the ‘f’ in the last sentence stands for? To be honest it has always puzzled me. If any nice blog reader would be kind enough to tell me what the ‘f’ means in ‘shut the ‘f’ up’ I would be delighted to hear from them.

Maybe it’s a term of speech which I could use more often in my writing and indeed everyday life.

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