What a Silly Feline!

Ok no prizes for guessing which Cat in his excitement to tell the world about Amazon.com launching his book early to coincide with the launch of their Kindle Fire managed to use the ‘old’ link to his other masterpiece ‘Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ – yes me of course.

Here is the right link.The Cat’s Travelogue on Amazon.com

There thank goodness I put that right. I am so sorry to send you all to the wrong place, but I have to say now you know how I felt when I was writing my Travelogue, everywhere I went was the ‘wrong’ place.

Here is a treat for you though, the cover of my latest book.

Travelogue by John Woodcock

And if you haven’t see the Kindle Fire in all of its blazing glory here is a link for that by way of an apology – again.

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