A Little Light Relief From My Book Launch

As the title says I thought I would offer a little light relief from my book launch, and I have some time before I have a chat with a nice lady from a media outlet in Seattle so here is a picture I saw the other day and thought to myself “which one are they visiting?”

Which one are they visiting

You humans really are ‘adorable’ and when I use that would I really me simple.

The book launch is going well, as I said above it’s busy but they don’t happen often and neither do colds what a shame that both came around at the same time for me this year!

Have you ordered your copy of my latest peerless masterpiece of feline? No! Well do because I don’t want to ask myself in a few weeks time “was it worth sneezing over so many members of the public at book signings and annoying sound engineers in TV studios?”

If you haven’t ordered your copy of my latest book The Cat’s Travelogue there is no better place than Amazon and you can do that using my handy link below although I have to say that my www – wickedly wonderful website www.thecatsdiary.com is as good but you can’t buy a toaster and my book there.

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