It’s Official My www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite Has No Equal!

I always am curious about how my www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite is perceived, do people like it, is it easy to find, you know the sort of thing and so when i found a site which proposed to ‘find similar sites to mine (I use that term loosely here) I was naturally interested and so like an innocent Cat I clicked the link.

Www wickedlywonderfulwebsite

Here according to the fools running the site are the sites that are similar to mine:

Now I have to ask myself what are these idiots on? I loathe gambling and presume that the first site is a card gaming one that just made me sick, then craigslist? I ask you! After craigslist Hotmail – really and I have no idea to discover what the last two sites are about which of course all goes to prove that there isn’t a website in the world or on the web to compare with my www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite still it would have been fun to compare other sites I suppose.

But as the site proposing to offer similar sites to mine was so inaccurate I won’t even both to mention them and waste my dear cuddly reader’s time clicking and visiting, yes I am a cat that just goes on giving and I am definitely not only wonderful but also unique.

All of which goes to show that even though there are some absolutely wonderful websites on the web there are very few www.wickedlywonderfulwebsites which has no equal for entertainment, quality, fun and of course good looking owner, although I would blush here is that is Cats could blush tee hee.

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