Justin Bieber And The Large Hadron Collider

Is it just me or are you worried too?

I ask this question because things, it seems, have gone rather quiet at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, in fact things have gone too quiet if you ask me!

Why hasn’t there been any news from the Large Hadron Collider, only a month or so ago were were promised a glimpse at the ‘God particle’ as it is known to say nothing of a look up the skirt (as it were) at the Higgs boson but sadly the hypothetical massive elementary particle remains firmly ‘hypothetical’ as far as I am aware.

Higgs event

So what has happened? Has something gone wrong? I’m worried aren’t you? No I am very worried why aren’t you? If that baby ‘goes up’ some say that their flat world will sink, worrying stuff isn’t it?

I was wondering if I’d had my iPod on too loud and missed a large bang just a few countries away? There has been a lot of fog in Prague recently, but that is just fog not smoke, well that what I tell myself, it comforts me!

Surely something should have happened by now at the world’s most expensive experiment, well the world most expensive experiment if you don’t include the one currently being held to discover exactly what talent Justin Bieber possess; 2 billion hits on YouTube teh!^ It just goes to show exactly how poor the taste of 28% the world’s population actually is!

If anyone can tell me what Justin Beiber does I would be grateful he is either so far below or above this Cat’s radar that he actually doesn’t exist or maybe, just maybe Justin Bieber is what the Large Hadron Collider has discovered or worse created and they are keeping very, very quiet about it.

Oh look what I have found a picture (below) of little Justin Bieber. For those of you who are old enough you must remember Donny Osbourne? Surely Justin is a Donny clone? (Picture of Donny below as well to prove this clever Cat’s point!)


Donny O

I wondered what Donny Osbourne is doing these days so I searched for ‘osbourne’ in Google of course and came up with this recent snap. I see he is still in the music business and isn’t that Marie in the background at the Mormon tabernacle? They both look as though they have gone through a spin cycle at the Large Hadron Collider don’t they? I think it’s them though of course I could be wrong I am only a Cat after all!



The word teh above is not a typo it’s used to describe the sound that a Cat makes when expressing disbelief! Just thought I would tell you so you don’t think I’m uneducated.

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