Snow Comes To My Website & Blog

Once again this year to celebrate the season, Christmas and of course because I like the effect a lot, it has started snowing on The Cat’s Blog and my www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite, or to be more accurate because as I explain in both my books Cat’s have a dreadful curse, we can’t tell a lie, it’s snowing all over The Cat’s Blog but only over the picture at the top of the page on my my www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite

I don’t know if you can see the snow in the picture below but I can truthfully say that it’s there (not being able to tell a lie is such a curse, I can tell you) maybe you should go to The Cat’s Blog and check out all the lovely snow for yourself.

There is also something new about the snow for this year on The Cat’s Blog and that is that you can make the snow go mad, change direction and even rather godlike make the snow stop! Just by using your mouse, track pad or if you are reading my The Cat’s Blog using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – your finger!

I wonder if that’s how god does the things he does? If that is there is a god ‘up there’ you have to imagine a Cat pointing his paw in a confused way ‘up’ as you read this bit!

Snow on Blog

Very soon this Christmasy kind Cat who writes blogs is going to bring you the ever popular Christmas lights to both The Cat’s Blog and my www.wickedlywonderfulwebsite and yes don’t worry just like last year you will be able to pop, smash and generally destroy the pretty little twinkling lights when the ‘pleasure’ of all that Christmas fixed smile giving and general ‘joy’ gets the better of you and you feel an overriding urge to smash something.

Xmas Holly.png

Now for a little Christmas Quiz

Question: Where can you buy copies of my wonderful books?

Answer: Here!

Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary

Paperback edition of Getting Out at

Kindle edition of Getting Out at

The Cat’s Travelogue

Paperback edition of

The Cat’s Travelogue

Kindle edition of The Cat’s Travelogue

Mmh I don’t think I’ve quite got the idea or format of quizzes right, don’t worry I will keep trying while you go off and jingle you own bells – don’t you just love Christmastide?

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2 thoughts on “Snow Comes To My Website & Blog”

  1. We are loving the snow and can’t wait for the flashing Christmas lights. Mum has 101 things to do and has been moving snowflakes and trying to get them to explode… but I told her that was the Christmas lights. So she is keeping herself happy by making it change direction and stop. BTW we got the answer to your quiz right! Tee hee.

  2. I was so pleased to hear that you and your Mum like the snow Teagan, I have to admit I spent several hours playing with the snow earlier until an adult decided that I needed to have the computer put away! Sorry to hear about the exploding snow, I will start working on that because it’s really rather a brilliant idea tee hee maybe it will be ready for next year.

    Congratulations on the on the right answer for the quiz. I was worried that I did something wrong but you have reassured me, I obviously did everything right! Phew!

    By the way I may have got a little confused earlier because I’m sure that I made the snow stop in the god like manner described but now for some reason I can’t, I am thinking that I may have had a little ‘TMM’ or ‘Teagan’s Mummy Moment’ there tee hee!

    Purrs and long walks forever.

    The Cat

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