Stray Animal Holocaust – Shame On You Ukraine

In spite of protests across the world and in the Ukraine to date, over 20,000 stray Dogs and Cats have been slaughtered Kiev in a misguided and cruel bid to tidy up the streets for a Football Competition the Euro 2012.

After a public outcry earlier this month the Kiev government said it was to stop shooting or poisoning strays animals the authorities claim that stray animals were to be rounded up and taken to animal shelters instead.


However Judith Pein, of the German branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), claimed the slaughter was still happening and that “these killings are directly related to Ukraine hosting Euro 2012.” She also commented that, “stray killing is a profitable business.”

Just looking at the conflicting statements from the government of Ukraine you can see just what a bunch of heartless liars they are!

Ukraine Government Press Releases

November 4th 2011 Kiev

Ukraine to build shelters for stray dogs…

Ukraine will build shelters for stray dogs in big cities ahead of the Euro 2012 football championship, the government has announced.

Alsatian Puppy

November 18th 2011 Kiev

Environment Minister Mykola Zlochevsky calls for end to stray animals’ killing…

Mykola Zlochevsky Environment Minister has called for an end to stray animals’ killing ahead of the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship

To Date the Killing Goes On

From the Docs4Dogs European Network website

“Tidy streets” for the European Football Championship 2012 in the Ukraine: Stray Dogs and Cats are burnt alive.

Ukraine in the year 2011: In the last few months there have been mobile crematoria driving around in the streets of Kiev and other districts. The driver and his crews’ duty is to kill stray Dogs and Cats. Occasionally, the animals are burnt alive in these mobile crematoria, where they perish with inexpressible pain.

The background of this cruel “cleanup policy” is the European Football Championship 2012 in the Ukraine: The masses of expected foreign visitors shall not be confronted with stray animals. That is the reason why defenseless animals are beaten to death, poisoned, or burnt alive in these mobile crematoria.

The Union of European Football Associations [UEFA] also strongly criticises the public authorities in the Ukraine for these actions, and has offered them a financial support for castrations of stray cats and dogs to enable animal rights activists to solve the problem of stray animals in a responsible and humane way. Until now, the public authorities of the Ukraine have only shown negative reactions towards the protests of animal rights activists: They are putting animal rights activists under pressure by asking them to stop the international protests.


Do sign the petition but please don’t feel obligated to donate to Docs4Dogs (I have ‘cleaned’ their donate button off the picture above). I have to stress that the Cat who writes blogs is not endorsing the work of in anyway whatsoever just the fact that they, like me, care about the welfare of animals (especially Cats in my case) the only difference is that I don’t ask for donations, I might of course occasional suggest you buy a book, and even use a bit of emotional blackmail, but a Cat has got to live and keep a roof over his head these days because it’s a bad time to be a stray.

Personally I don’t like the in your face attitude of most multinational charities who seem these days to believe that they have some sort of divine right to the hard earned cash in your pocket! Oh yes a lot of them say that they stand for change and then you discover that they have financial agreements and contracts with all sorts of unsavoury entities including but not exclusive of governments.

Finally if you are a football supporter I hope you will ask yourself if you really should be watching the European Football Championship 2012 in the Ukraine when you consider the suffering of in excess of 20,000 animals.

Some of the matches are being played in Poland and there are no Animal Holocausts being carried out in Warsaw or other Polish cities, so if want to watch a European Football Championship 2012 match do please go to one in Poland you may well find that the people there are much nicer than Ukrainains!

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