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Although I love luxury ocean going liners, mainly because they have a degree of comfort that strikes the right cord with me unlike say a Virgin 747 which is a tawdry affair in every respect, there is something I don’t like about the Titanic and it isn’t accessibility!

In fact I’m sure that the Titanic which sunk 100 years ago next April 15th was one of the most comfortable liners ever built, what I don’t like is the recent craze of either visiting the wreck or making a yard sale of the bric-a-brac that has been scooped up from wreck site!

Somehow all of that cheapens the suffering and sacrifice of those who either went down with the Titanic deliberately or didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter and yet now you can, if you feel so inclined, buy their coat buttons or the the china they had their last cup of tea ever in sounds disgusting doesn’t it and I bet that it’s all about to get even worse when the centenary year of the sinking arrives in just a few weeks time.

I bet that right now there are millions of hamfisted Chinese workers putting the glaring finishing touches to all sorts of really badly made merchandise, which as they pack it falls apart, that will flood the market for the 100th anniversary of such a tragic event. There will be documentaries, news reports, travelling exhibitions and goodness forbid another version of the movie probably in 3D!

I tell you what there might not be Siamese twins and Bearded ladies in travelling circuses these days but you ‘modern’ and ‘enlightened’ humans still have your own version of that sort of thing don’t you! It’s enough to make a Cat who writes blogs cringe!

There is one item that I recently came across that celebrates the Titanic but happily it wasn’t recovered by grave robbers, it was made this year and best of all it is a lot of fun, it is called the Titanic Lamp and I think I want at least one, it will look great on my motor yacht (which I mentioned a few blogs ago) so if anyone wants to send me a Titanic Lamp do let me know and I will give you a delivery address, oh by the way if anyone wants to send me a motor yacht and they have a very big one to spare, with a Captain and some mates, then do let me know about that too. I know that a lot of my dear cuddly readers want only the best for me so I can’t wait to see my new motor yacht!

If you don’t have a motor yacht to spare then the next best thing would be to buy dozens if not hundreds of my books here The Cat’s Travelogue Paperback Edition, Paperback edition of Getting Out at Amazon.com if you would like ebook editions do use the links at these pages it saves me boring you with loads of links here, yes I am nice aren’t I!

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how many books or ebooks you have to buy to ensure that I get a nice big motor yacht so just to be on the safe side it might be best to buy a couple of thousand copies each of my books and I’ll let you know how we get on!

Titanic lamp

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