Tommaso the Italian black Cat inherits $13 million

Tommaso, a 4 year old black Cat, who until recently, was a stray from the mean streets of Rome, is thought to have become the world’s richest Cat.

Black Cat

Following the sad death of Tommaso’s 94 year old human last month, Tommaso has become a property magnate — or as some would call him a ‘mognate’ — who now owns and manages a handsome property portfolio, and is doing a better job of it than than most bankers, worth an estimated €10m dotted across Italy from Milan in the north to Calabria in the south.

Below is a picture of the view from one of Tommaso’s windows and him looking out over one or two of his properties before lunch.

Cat looking out of window

Unfortunately under Italian law, animals cannot inherit directly which seems rather disgusting for this Cat who writes blogs and who is expecting at least one inheritance any day now if there is anyone out there who isn’t feeling too well and wants to name him, happily this Cat doesn’t live in Italy so do make sure your wills are up to date and that the spelling of the main beneficiary is correct here it’s just for you THE CAT.

Happily there was a little wrinkle in Italian law which has allowed Tommaso to get what was coming to him as long as he had a ‘suitable trustee’ and so Tommaso’s human decided to entrust him and his fortune – to a lady and fellow Cat lover she met in a park and they became firm friends. “Sometimes I’d go to her house so my Cat could play with Tommaso,” Stefania who is now Tommaso’s trustee said.

When Tommaso’s human became too frail to look after herself Stefania, who is a nurse by profession, began to take care of her on a full time basis.

And now Tommaso’s lives with Stefania at an undisclosed address outside Rome, which is well away from the fortune hunters, con-artists and all of the others who think a Cat doesn’t need that sort of sum in a lump?

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