What Can I say!

They say you can get a lot of things in Bangkok and as this sign demonstrates ‘anything’ means ‘anything’ in Bangkok unless of course the translator misread the word he or she was supposed to translate for the sign and had ‘testicles’ on the brain – not a nice mental picture.

Testicle Massage In Bangkok

As for this unfortunate Cat I wouldn’t be able to have a testicle massage in Bangkok as readers of my first book ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ will recall. Some nice person mentioned to me as I was writing this paragraph that that was a bit sad, ‘A BIT SAD!’ Huh I would call it a crime agains Cat kind!

Lastly what has ‘SMILE TEEN MASSAGE’ got to do with anything? Answers in the usual format please unless this Cat has completely misunderstood what a ‘smiling teen’ has to do with a ‘testicle massage,’ then I think that your answers should be in private only!

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