No Trouble With the ‘F’ Word Here

To be honest with you dear cuddly readers (and as I have explained on numerous occasions in the past unfortunately due to be large genetic balls up by the creator Cats find it physically and mentally impossible to tell a lie the only factor in our development that has held us back and allowed humans to run the world I might add, and so I can’t be anything other than honest with you), I find it very difficult to use the ‘F’ word whether in polite or any other type of company and definitely not in my books.

Mind you I remember getting close to using the ‘F’ word in my Cat’s Diary and first masterpiece of Feline Literature ‘Getting Out – Excerpts From a Cat’s Diary.’ when I tried to use a card system to express my disapproval with service from Apple Computers giving them four king cards for ‘four king’ awful service!

With the above in mind I secretly admire people who proudly display their total disregard for the ‘F’ word’s detrimental impact and use liberally. In the case of the picture below I believe that John the Chinese cook doesn’t like Chinese food all that much and that’s a shame because although the Chinese do have some absolutely disgusting habits, including menu items they do make some rather sublime din dins, I am thinking here of Szechuan Prawns and Beef Chow Mein to name but a few.

Great Chinese Food

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