Holiday Souvenirs from Sri Lanka

The really great thing about going on holiday, apart from getting a lot of sun, sand, sea and something else beginning with ‘s,’ is that you experience new lands and cultures and if you are lucky broaden your mind. Sadly there are some places in the world where the last part of the first sentence don’t apply as you may know now if you are one of the first million readers of my latest masterpiece if feline literature ‘The Cat’s Travelogue,’ dear cuddly readers I give you an interesting take on souvenirs the first is from that beautiful war torn, hate ridden,tropical paradise which has been ruined by its inhabitants over the last 25 or so years – Sri Lanka.

Hygiene In Sri Lanka

If course if you are thinking of going to Sri Lanka here (below) is the sort of picture you can expect from the brochures and the tourism authority, frankly I like their picture better than the one above, but then the truth is almost always not pretty as it appears in the brochure.

Sri Lanka Beach

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