In praise of Moles

If any of my blog readers follow my Twitter account they will know that yesterday I went out for a stroll behind the studio and saw the first Snowdrops of the year they were so pretty and signify (I hope) the end of the Winter and warmer days to come that I thought I would snap a picture and share it with all on my lovely cuddly readers.


One of the other little marvels of nature that I saw, which I have to say were far more plentiful than the Snowdrops were Mole hills, there were thousands of them, by the looks of things Moles like to create their little hills all over the place and some of the places that they work so hard in are a little dangerous I have to say!

The Mole hills in the picture below were right next to a stream that’s still a little swollen with melt water from the surrounding hills and the ice and snow that covered them for so long – shiver.

You know I like Moles and I think that Moles sadly have a bit of an image problem but honestly I would welcome them and their hills into my neighbour’s garden any day!

Mole Hills

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