Is this the worst restaurant in the Middle East

As a really very large number of my regulars know I wrote a book recently called ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ and it has been selling like cakes fresh from the oven (thank you all for that).

In my latest masterpiece of feline literature I tell the (mostly) true story of my adventures encountered as I adventured around our little planet and of the fun I had there.

One of the places that I visited but was encouraged (with large sums of the folding stuff) not to mention was that builder of tall buildings, bastion of human rights and electoral freedom Qatar.

I think that the royal family of Qatar wanted to keep my visit to their little country off the record because unless you have shed loads of cash, and that means being related to the royals there, your life is pretty awful. You can, if you want to, read all about the repression there in other places I don’t need to cut and paste that nonsense into my blog do I?

All I will say is that while you can, if you have the cash, live in seven luxury in Doha the capital of Qatar most of those annoying people who complain all the time that the oily cash which belongs to the country and could do so much good of the majority just gets stuffed into the pockets of only a few, leaving the majority to eat at places like the one below.

Qatar s Worst Restaurant

Not a very appetising prospect is it?

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