Guess the Guest Blogger

Dave the Cat

Hello everyone it is me Dave the Cat you may well know me as a character in The Cat’s feline literary masterpiece ‘Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary,’ happily I am more than just a character and I wanted to prove that by writing a blog for The Cat and after a lot of whining, pawsticuffs and the promise of a day off The Cat has allowed me a whole page to talk to what he calls ‘his’ followers, but to people we all know like me even more than the Cat.

You know I am so happy to be the guest blogger today on The Cat’s blog, hang on sorry about this interruption, “what do you mean my blog was supposed to be a secret, oh I can see that now and yes you are right there is a clue in the title!”

Sorry about that Cats, ladies and gentlemen it appears that I have got off to a bit of a bad start with my blog, but that is just the half of it, I think it is really difficult to write blogs and I don’t know how The Cat manages to do it so often, I would take my hat off to him, but as you know I am allergic to taking my hat off.

You know I had it all planned, I was going to be witty, a bit racy and finish with a bang but I am finding it really difficult to write this blog, my thoughts hurt almost as much as my paws do from typing.

I was going to say… but I think I will leave that for later and go off and have a lie down.

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