Not The Right Way In New Zealand

You humans confuse me sometimes, take this sign for instance why put a sign up to tell people to go this way if it is the wong way. Instead why not put a sign up to show the right way. That would be really less confusing wouldn’t it?

Not The Right Way In New Zealand

Speaking of pronunciation I thought you might like this little jokette of mine which is now doing the rounds in pubs, clubs and the internet.

An Englishman, a Russian, and a Chinese chap all got jobs on a building site.

On the first day the foreman pointed to a massive pile of sand and told the Englishman, “You’re in charge of sweeping, I want you to sweep the sand up into that pile.”

To the Russian he said, “You’re in charge of shovelling and I want you to shovel the sand back into the pile and you are both to keep the pile neat and tidy.”

He turned to the Chinese chap he said, “And you are in charge of supplies.” The he left saying “I’ve to go for a little while and I expect you guys to work hard while I am away.”

Later when the foreman returned, the pile of sand was looking pretty neat and tidy, the Englishman had swept the site clean and the Russian had shovelled the sand back into the pile. The foreman was very pleased and told them that they had done well and worked very hard.

Then he looked around for the Chinese guy and when he couldn’t see him he asked his two good workers if they knew where he was, the shook their heads.

Just then, the Chinese guy jumped out from his hiding place in the pile of sand and shouted…


Chinese Guy Jumping