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Over the weekend as my twitter (twitter.com/TheCatsDiary) followers will probably know I watched the Muppet Movie, not the first one which has that wonderful gag about turning left at the fork in the road and the next thing you know there is a big fork stuck in the middle of a junction tee hee (oh how I laughed at that), no this was the most recent one and I have to say that I was so pleased to see that Disney seem to have learned their lesson from disaster movies like the ‘second coming of Pooh Bear’ or whatever the movie was called and they made a rather good little Muppet Movie.

I also have to say that I suppose that I am a little bias, liking the Muppets, being as you know something of a anthropomorphic character myself but all the same I would recommend that you rent of even buy the DVD of this fine little movie which should not only entrance five year olds but also make oldies laugh more than a little.

Muppet Movie

Speaking of twitter if you do happen to fancy a little adventure, and we are talking rather small here I have to say, do drop by my twitter page because if you do you will be able to see an old pal of mine, Bumper, who was a very large Tabby Cat of my acquaintance.

Bumper got his name from the part of a car that hit him before we rescued him from the side of a road in London. As you can see from the picture, Bumper made a full recovery and lived for ages with us in the countryside.

He enjoyed sunning himself, sniffing grasses in the garden if he was persuaded to go outside, something that he had obviously had quite enough of as an alley Cat. Most of all Bumper enjoyed impersonating desk ornaments, in fact he always wanted to be the only desk ornament and so when he stretched out on ‘his’ desk he would gently knock everything else that was on the desk off believing that his little game wasn’t being noticed! If any Cat in the world was more gentle or indeed more ‘smiley’ (if that was a word) then I haven’t met him or her he was a great Cat and the perfect advert for adopting a stray Cat.

If you got to my twitter page (address above for those who have problems remembering things they have read)you will also be able to see the result of my ‘Make a Carrot Cake Day.’ Oh you are so lucky my wonderfully cuddly readers.

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