Sensible airport advice

To celebrate my blog being followed by AirportsMadeSimple I thought it would be nice to have an airport themed blog today.

Obviously if you read my masterpiece of feline literature ‘The Cat’s Travelogue’ you will know that there is very little I don’t know about airports especially in the sneaking in and out of category. However I think that the good people at AirportsMadeSimple are a little tiny bit (read a lot here) more serious about airports, but it would be a waste of time to say exactly what they do on their website when I have provided two links to it.

So here is my airport themed picture, it was taken at Tobias Bolanos Airport in Costa Rica and frankly I think that the instructions on the door to the apron (an airport term for an area of concrete) are very sensible indeed.

Sensible Instructions At Tobias Bolanos Airport Costa Rica

I hope that everyone likes my little picture especially the good people at AirportsMadeSimple – they should shouldn’t they because they have their own very special blog from me today, but then they did take the time to follow my wonderful award winning blog and that was nice of them wasn’t it!

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