One of The Most dangerous Places in India

Here is a jolly place that is worth a visit if you happen to be tricked into visiting India and if anyone knows what a “Psycho Homoeo” is, this inquisitive Cat would be grateful to know because this much travelled Cat has absolutely no idea. All this Cat knows is that humans are strange.

One of The Most dangerous Places in India

Speaking of strange humans does anyone know why this coming Friday is called “Good Friday?” I know that in the old days when the latest iPad was made of slate the word ‘good’ had a sort of pious meaning, and therefore was a holy word, but these days when iPads are overheating on laps across the world the word ‘good’ means um… err… oh yes – something not made in China surely?

Let’s face it to call the day on which christians say the head of their religion became a martyr can hardly be described as a ‘good’ day these days with our current understanding of the word ‘good.’ Maybe we should look at changing the name of Good Friday, but to what though? That is a good question, oh I know how about Cross Day!

All of which goes to show that if all of you humans are not mad a fair proportion of you must be in this Cat’s opinion tee hee! Still what do I know when I typed ‘Good Friday’ for the first time above I actually missed of the ‘d’ from the word ‘good’ and so I called the sacred day ‘Goo Friday’ first oops silly old Cat! I blame the paws though.

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