The English are so dedicated customer service

If I was writing about America, or Sweden or Spain or indeed most civilised countries in the world where offering a service or selling something means backing the sale up with hard work, dedication and an attitude dedicated to delighting the customer then I wouldn’t be using the picture below which was taken outside a small business in Devon in the UK and sums up the attitude of UK businesses to their customers.

The English Are So Dedicate Customer Service

The idea of providing customer service in the UK sadly is one that seems to have been dropped by all businesses just as the UK’s general public have dropped the idea of community, caring for the elderly, and so many more values that define a modern caring society this is one of the major reasons why the UK is slipping in all of the tables that identify great places in the world to live.

On the other paw the lack of a need to provide decent customer service or to hold any civic responsibility whatsoever in the UK means that the number of banks, (insurance companies and other financial institutions who cause so much harm in the world) who locate their headquarters in the UK and in particular dreadfully polluted London has increased year on year .

But then banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions pride themselves in not providing any form of customer service or support for the money that they are trusted with and so they fit right in.

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