As regular readers of my marvellous and extremely beautiful blog will know I am something of a collector of drivel, the largest part of my collection of drivel is drivel translated from the original Chinese and proudly mounted as a sign.

Chinese drivel is, in my expert opinion the best type of drivel because it offers the west a brief insight into what, in just a few years if the Chinese have their way, will be the minds of the west’s overlords.

Chinese nonsense a sign

Imagine just how easy it is going to be to subvert overlords who insist that for our “family happiness,” we “keep yellow. gambling. poison.” Wise words from an hotel lobby in Shanghai!

You know even Cat’s speaking to humans in our own language and without a translator make more sense than the world’s future over lords, not that I am suggesting that Cats should become the world’s overlords, not that is not for me to suggest as Shakespeare wrote somewhere I will leave that to someone else but it does remind me that I must have a look for some more signs from another nation who also have world domination on their collective little minds – India.

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