The latest craze in Oman!

The latest craze to flood Oman is ‘drowning,’ yes you read it right! But I know what you are thinking this daft Cat has got it all wrong, no one in the world would be daft enough to want to drown themselves and worse the sport of ‘drowning’ would never catch on, sadly this is not the case as you can see from the picture below which comes “with compliments of Muscat Municipality.”

Oman where drowning accidents are now popular

Still when you think about it you can understand that Arabs might enjoy the odd and rather final sport of drowning, after all they were the ones who, if the didn’t invent suicide bombing definitely went some way to perfecting it.

I have to say that the bits of this sign I like best of all are at the top, the small icon style drawings, first the smiley skull, although it does frighten me a bit and second the strict instructions from the other two icon style drawings which definitely make it clear that you should, once you are in the water, get on with the business of drowning yourself and not do any waving!

Which all goes to show that Oman is a tough country doesn’t it!

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