Be careful with your precious thing!

If you worry about your “precious thing” then I am afraid that this Vietnamese restaurant is not for you under any circumstances whatsoever because the owner believes that his restaurant is not “responsibities” for your precious thing!

You have been told they accept no liability whatsoever

Unfortunately, probably like you, I have absolutely no idea what my “precious thing” is (and am too polite to even think about what it might be). Secondly I draw a blank with the word “responsibities” which is ok, I can live with that but my spell checker can’t. Apple like Microsoft have decided in their ‘great wisdom’ that they are far more intelligent than any of their users and therefore the spell checker went berserk when I typed “responsibities” and the darn thing (though not a precious thing I hasten to add) autocorrected it several times, even after I as a user interfered and forced it to use a word that it didn’t want to by I did it has put a red line under it now of course I could ‘teach’ the spell checker the new word but I probably will never use again and so don’t want to.

Oh by the way it doesn’t like the work “sulkingly” either – it just isn’t the spell checkers day is it?

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