Driving is fun in Alabama just like Russian Roulette

What is it with civilised countries these days? Too many roads are full of too many potholes that are bad enough to break the suspension on most cars and very occasionally an unlucky driver and his or her car will disappear forever in a sinkhole – whatever one of those is!

Driving fun in Alabama

Of course I have no clear idea what a sinkhole is being a Cat, but I bet it has something to do with those two legged buffoons who rule the planet.

So why when there is vast unemployment around the civilised world are there so many potholes? Well the answer is clear there aren’t enough navvies in the world anymore to fill in the potholes and build wonderful roads which is a shame because although this Cat is not built for such work as um ‘navving’ it’s clear that navvies were essential to the well being of the world around us to say nothing about drivers.

There has to be a solution to the shortage of good unskilled labour surely, I know maybe we could retrain the excess numbers of bankers, politicians, social scientists, social workers and all of the other over qualified underachievers who contribute little or nothing to our lives except misery!

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