Singing in Sri Lanka

The setting is tropical. The hotel is above average for Sri Lanka, read into that what you will! And the sunset reflecting across the beach is breathtaking.

Sri Lanka Sunset

You have to admit and I have to say that even the dead things floating in the pool and the none to clean hotel look rather tidy in the Sri Lankan sunset and that is saying something!

Singing Hotel

All in all it really makes you want to sing! Even though we know the affect that a Cat singing (and indeed a singing Cat) will have on the other guests, (to say nothing of everyone else in a 10 mile radius) and that’s just as well because if you read the small print at the bottom of the Mini Bar bill you will note that you have to “Sing for the items consumed…”

Sing for items from the mini bar

Reading the bottom of the bill suggests to me that just like that “wonderfully progressive and highly developed” aid recipient across the Indian Ocean, when Sri Lankan’s write in English they sound just like Indians!

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