Does anyone trust lawyers?

If you have read my masterpieces of feline literature ‘Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary‘ and ‘The Cat’s Travelogue‘ you may well be familiar with my lawyer Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” who has represented me as a lawyer, agent, advisor, familiar, confidante, spokesperson, PR expert, investment consultant and personal councillor for a number of years whether I have wanted him to or not and in the process taken what ‘others’ describe as a substantial portion of my income including royalties, gifts, personal expenses for appearances in person or as Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” says is a very small percentage of the whole “operation” bearing in mind what he does for me.

So when I saw the sign below it honestly started me thinking. Are the ‘others’ right or are they as Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” says acting in a “sour grape-wise manner because they didn’t get in on the found floor!”

No one trusts lawyers

So here is a snap shot of my recent thoughts and maybe you can decide for me because I am in two minds which is confusing to say the least!

I’m torn these days, I know I owe Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” a lot because he tells me I do and then goes on to say that if I hadn’t used his personal management company and its dozens of “affiliates,” all of whom charge by the hour, I don’t think I would be sitting here writing this blog because I wouldn’t be the famous and fabulously successful author that I am, but people who I have met along the way seem to disagree and I am starting to believe them!

For example I would never ever have thought that as part of my “disbursements,” Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd’s” word not mine, I had to purchase a “runabout” for him from Ferrari of America so that he could drive over to my place for brunch. And then when I moved to England do exactly the same thing.

But I trust Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd.” He has, like Bernie Madoff before him, done such a lot for me, and as he never fails to tell me there is one difference between Bernie and Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” and that’s true with Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” I get to keep most of my hard earned cash and as Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” tells me unlike poor Stevie Spielberg Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” was able to get most of my money back from Bernie Madoff before “everything started to turn into the shape of a Pear.” And of course for that I am grateful to Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” for that, I understand that Steven Spielberg had to really cut back and sell one of his super yachts and is only left with five of his homes, poor lamb. Still if he made better movies he might just be able to buy a new super yacht but then that is merely my personal opinion.

The reason why I am still not sure if Mr. Todd A. Leibowitz “call me Todd” is to be fully trusted is that so many lawyers, like bankers, politicians and a large number of stockbrokers, investment advisors, and financiers have proved to be, at best cold hearted individuals who are only looking to line their pockets, and at worst are now, after years of being trusted confidantes, being convicted of a catalogue of very serious crimes and going down for ‘stretches’ that are substantially longer than their life expectancy and I am sure that there are more to follow.

Worse still if you are like me just a little paranoid and prone to delusion (I think I might be that unless I am being delusional about it of course) you may be casually reading the UK newspapers and start to form the opinion that there is an awful lot of collusion and conversation between the UK’s ruling party, the Police and some Newspapers with of course a liberal peppering of ‘professionals’ lawyers, accountants, financiers etc., involved all of which is very worrying.

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