Please pay attention to the upper air – more nonsense from China

They say “make hay while the sun shines” in the western world and goodness knows how that would be translated by the ‘brilliant’ Chinese minds that brought you the amazingly inept translation below, but who cares really, not me. And that is because as I explained yesterday my Chinese gagging order has probably been relaxed as the leaders of the next superpower fight between themselves for ever larger control of the government of China and of course a bigger bucketfuls of all of the money sloshing around in the corridors of power there.

All of which makes your average multi-billionaire Russian Oligarch look like a toddler with a large suitcase or two of play money.

China World Leaders One day

This sign and its wonderful translation, I have to say, is the ‘best’ translation I have ever not been able to read let alone comprehend and I assure you that if you wanted to write this kind of mental drool you couldn’t string enough words together to produce perfect drivel to do it. Well done China the next superpower.

I have just tried to ‘translate’ the saying at the beginning of this blog using the Chinese method of translation and wondered what you thought of it dear cuddly readers. “Hay shines while make sun.” No, I just don’t have their ‘gift’ do I?

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