Scotland – where the streets are full of danger

Obviously if the fried food doesn’t get the ‘bairns’ in Scotland the proximity to firearms will.

Scotland s streets are full of danger

I would just like to say that I am a great supporter of Scotland’s right to independence and sincerely hope that they achieve their dream, so long as they don’t do what an independent Republic of Ireland did and take large amounts of aid from the ‘old country’ which sadly needs aid of its own these days.

“Och eye the noo” as they say up where the men wear plaid skirts, have little dirks tucked into their socks and hairy purses strapped in place over their unmentionables.

Oh sorry about that. For some reason I got carried away and before you ask, it wasn’t the amber nectar fumes! Surely it’s too early even for those heavy drinkers north of the border.

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