A end to the economic crisis

I heard that in Britain the idiot who runs the country’s finances is going to lend the banks, the very people who caused the banking crisis, between (a maximum of) 80 and 140 billion pounds sterling, depending upon the newspaper you read. The timing is probably dependant upon the rate of decline in the governments’ popularity.

This started me thinking what are other countries doing to alleviate problems with their economies? So I began looking around the world to find out and the results were quite surprising.

First I saw that Spain’s football team had rather cleverly beaten the Republic of Ireland’s team, which in itself, I understand, is not a hard task but enables the nation’s team to progress into the last ‘8,’ being just a simple Cat I have no idea what that means but I understand that it’s something that every European country desires currently and only the Germans (as usual) are assured of!

In the end my search brought me to the picture below, it comes from one of my favourite targets China, and is a menu suggestion for families trying to eek out their food budget and handed down from the very top – that’s the corrupt little fat geezers who used to wear red army style uniforms to show they were true communists, but now wear shiny Armani suits to prove that they are kleptocrats.

What is it with the Chinese

Whether the rest of the world will start tucking into Roast Bowel and Egg is difficult to say because I think only the Chinese can afford the Egg as an ingredient because they are the ones hoarding the rest of the world’s cash.

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