Google’s crime map carves up Africa

When not snooping on us through the internet, recording pictures of the outside of our homes for Google.Maps, Street View and generally gathering as much information as they can about you and I so that they can offer us products and services based on our internet activity and worse the content of our emails, Google try to cover their less than savoury business practices by producing ‘interesting’ information, daft doodles on their home page, and all sorts of fluff.

Google is very keen to show how their ‘wonderful’ maps can be used to demonstrate all manner of things, the manner of things they had on their minds yesterday was odd, to say the least, as you can see below in their map that completely redraws Africa’s boundaries.

Ladies and Gentlemen and dear cuddly readers I give you the “Britons arrested abroad mapped,” map; for what it is worth which is slightly less than nothing I imagine.

One of Googles odder maps

Google released this ‘very informative’ map to show where Britons are arrested abroad? Quite why they wanted to do that I have no idea this was their little explanation.

“Data blog: More Britons are fleeing the long arm of the law to other countries. Find out how many and where.” (As if anyone is interested).

Well thanks for that Google the map was very enlightening, just one question! Since when has Africa been almost completely sub-divided by what Google label as the “Gulf of Guinea?” Beats me, but then I am only a Cat and not half as clever as the ‘intelligent ones’ at Google.

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