Polar Bear Arrest

I have no real reason to publish this picture apart from the fact that I thought it was rather bizarre and I like the bizarre!

Polar Bear Arrest

There that should be an end to this blog. But I thought maybe I could add a few observations. Since when have the British police been allowed to display their tattoos? And what is the female officer doing in the foreground? Checking her mail on a mobile phone I would say wouldn’t you!

You know I can imagine that it would take a lot more than six police officers to tackle a real Polar Bear but this poor fancy dress Polar Bear seems rather defeated, poor thing and six police officers with or without rubber gloves is several too many don’t you think?

Lastly why is the tubby police officer wearing rubber gloves, does she suspect that the Polar Bear has fleas?

As usual British justice and those who enforce it are all very confusing!

I bet you are wondering why the British were arresting a Polar Bear in the first place aren’t you? Well the answer is that the Polar Bear was part of a protest by a well know ‘green’ organisation who appear all too often on high streets around Europe chugging to mention their name or their cause.

For those of you who don’t know what ‘chugging’ means here is my definition. Chugging or “Charity Mugging” is the practice of collecting for ‘charities’ and other do gooding bodies that involves stopping unsuspecting shoppers in major thoroughfares to sign them up to a monthly subscription to some ’cause’ or the other.

The subscriptions solicited usually go towards paying for large modern offices and all expenses paid trips abroad for some staff to ‘assess’ the situation whatever that situation might be! Usually it is a ‘situation’ that requires a stop over or two in a four star hotel for several days and then an hour or so at the sharp end whether it be a children’s hospital in Syria, or a Whale gathering in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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