Welcome to Russia poster blunder

In a recent Metro poster advertising campaign across Europe designed to encourage tourists to visit Moscow, the authoritarians may have just shot each other in the foot, or is that feet?

Welcome to Russia 1

The poster in question showed a typical Moscow morning scene with a bit of pre-rush hour traffic, some domes, places of cultural interest, a river and oh! Of course a bit of green. You know the sort of “Come on! What are you waiting for? Visit us, it’s a nice place,” poster that is produced by every tourist board in every city for their countries and capitals.

Unfortunately the ex-comrades decided to take this particular aerial picture just before the Moscow pollution smog came up in the afternoon, or it might have been that the light was ‘right’ and the photographer was a perfectionist! Who knows? What we do know is that when they took the picture they obviously didn’t notice a convoy of military vehicles was pootling along the road next to the Moscow River, maybe it just happens so often that they didn’t think that sort of thing was unusual.

If they had known/cared/noticed etc., they might have waited ten or fifteen minutes so that the convoy of lorries carrying missiles armed with nuclear warheads wasn’t in their shot!

Oh sorry did I forget to mention that the line of traffic (shown in the enlargement below) was carrying enough missiles armed with nuclear warheads, through the sunny centre of Moscow, to blow more than the skin of everyone’s rice pudding in the entire world – or definitely do that to the people that ‘The Put’ doesn’t like or agree with, a list that gets longer by the day!

Welcome to Russia 2

Mind you if you really want to frighten the children show them the picture below.

Welcome to Russia 3

Ok look away I beg you before you turn to salt sometime in advance of you becoming just an unfortunate casualty in a nuclear ‘conflict’ (as they call ‘wars’ these days) and get turned to salt anyway.

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