What is the fuss about Kate?

As the title says – what is all the fuss about Kate?

In the spotlight now

Well I had to have a look on the internet didn’t I? I am, after all, a red blooded male! And imagine my disappointment! Poor Katie poo! I would be embarrassed if my naughty bits had been spread all over the internet like chicken pox especially if my err… how can I put this, oh yes! ‘unmentionables’ looked like this! It looks like the poor lamb has chicken pox.

What is the fuss about Kate

At least the last royal female to give the world a flash had knockers that could fill a double page spread, just like her “hindquarters,” which is, I think, the way the Duke of Yorkies refers to her best features!

I think the royals are wonderful – they do a wonderful job for the paparazzi supplying candid pictures now and again, which are so much better than the ones that are staged, where poor ugly little Katie is plastered in makeup and dressed up to the nines – the poor love spends enough money a year on her clothes and makeup to keep a small primary school open and still manages to look… how can I put this… “like she does!”

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