Look at what popped out of by in box

Here is something that was sent to me anonymously and as soon as you can see the picture you can see why.

The email was of course signed ‘a friend.’

Photo 1

What I would like to know in all of the fury that followed the publication of the future queen’s boobs (if the marriage lasts that long of course and the British royal family have an appalling track record on fidelity and long lasting marriages) is why no one yet criticised Katie poo for getting her rather ordinary human mammary glands out in the first place, aren’t queens and future queens supposed to be paragons of virtue? Obviously not these days and I blame the parents don’t you?

Their behaviour could be matched by any of the normal, ordinary, everyday’ people who the currently are criticised for losing their way morally who can blame them when they have Kate and whatever her husband is called, his father and uncles as role models they are worse than alley Cats and of course this cat should know meeeow!!!!!!!

Obviously it is impossible for andy royal to behaviour like ladies and gentlemen because of their much vaunted ancestors. When you think about it all through history the British royal family have always had appalling manners and morals, so Kate and the no neck she is married too fit in nicely.

Although unrelated I have to say that the other day I was think about the royal family and the latest female addition and her family and it occurred to me that Kate and the other Middleton Frau who’s name escapes me together with their Mum and Dad are very much like the Boleyn’s of Henry VIII fame. They seem to be merely after fame, fortune and appear to lack any real morals.

So I do hope that the ten pound note above does eventually go into circulation because to my way of thinking it perfectly sums up Britain and the British royal family, to my way of thinking they deserve each other!

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