There’s a lot of things to like about Bangkok, this isn’t one of them!

For some reason I find the name of this massage place just a little off putting don’t you? And to be honest it isn’t just the name. I loathe massages, I always imagined a massage to be a gentle sort of experience but I had one recently and got beaten up by this small person who was barely able to cast a shadow over me! But she went at my back until bruises appeared.

I love Bangkok s Miss Puke

By the way have you seen those Thai places that have a large fish tank in the window usually and for some reason known only to who knows what fools put their feet into them and let the fish nibble them.

Aren’t these place just a little more than gross? I wonder if the idiots that dip their tootsies into these tanks know that they run the risk of catching more than a candid snap?

There are all sorts of diseases that can be transferred from one dirty pair of feet to another including HIV. Excuse me while I puke and hope to miss creating a Miss Puke I believe!

Fish cleaning feet

Seems a bit daft to me to deliberately go out of your way to get into harms way if you see what I mean! Humans you are mostly harmless but usually bonkers.

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