The British class system and the Royals – how mundane

One of the Queen’s daughters is a woman called Princess Anne, who seems to be the most normal of the Queen’s offspring, she has been ‘done’ for speeding five times, she has been divorced and to her credit (something unusual for a ‘royal,’ something creditable that is) decided that when her children were born they wouldn’t have royal titles and wouldn’t be brought up in the media spotlight and eventually become the darlings or criticised by the British public.

The British media, who like to dribble and fawn over the Royal family, and have kept them in place much longer than their sell by date would usually allow, have always applauded the “brave,” “inspired,” “laudable” decision of Princess Anne’s and so I wonder why is the story below from today’s Daily Telegraph online edition is a surprise to the British media, of course the rest of Britain doesn’t give a tuppenny toss because they can’t afford to go the the races at Cheltenham they are too busy trying to make ends meet, feed their kids and pay the mortgage and could do that with the cash this silly woman shelled out on that awful purple hat I expect!

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Pure puerile!

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