Oh dear, what a dreadful name for soap!

The Arabs will believe anything

It isn’t only the name of soap that is more than a little than ‘off-putting,’ it’s what it claims it can do!

Ok I can understand a soap being “Clean & Clear” you can have opaque soaps but even this Cat can’t imagine that you humans would want a ‘dirty’ soap! And yes I tend to agree that “Anti-Bacterial” soaps are useful.

However soap that provides an “unpleasant Odor (odour) is not really necessary and what on Earth do they mean by “Tightening?”

I have a few questions for the makers of this product here are two:

1. – Just what will the soap attempt to ‘tighten?’

2. – Why would you want to tighten anything with soap? I tend to think that’s what screwdrivers and spanners are for, don’t you dear cuddly readers?

Oh if you would like to buy Virginity Soap, (or do I want to say if you are daft enough to want to buy this product), then pop down to Dubai’s largest trading centre, the Dragon Mart, where they are selling a Virginity soap for 25 dirham a bar with the promise that it tightens muscles.

Happily I am not going to go into which muscles these naughty Dubai sales people are talking about because nice people read my blogs!

There are, or seem to be far too many bars of this nonsense soap, which promises so much but probably only delivers disappointment, on the market in the east which if you are lucky doesn’t do you any harm and if unlucky might produce all sorts of problems, but I had to laugh at this particular bar of Virginity Soap, what do you dear gentle cuddly reader think about it?

Lady Diania Virginity Soap

I laughed even more when I read that this priceless soap (only 25 dirham a bar) is Non-Comedogenic which I took to mean, initially, something to do with Dog Genes, and until I looked up what ‘Comedogenic’ really means.

Apparently ‘Comedogenic’ describes something that has a tendency to clog, like a cream that gets stuck in your pores. So at least if you are going to plaster this rubbish over your skin you won’t be able to see the results!

You know I would like to know why do manufacturers use words like that!

Just look on the side of a Shampoo bottle, any Shampoo bottle will do in fact and you will see one ingredient that appears time and again ‘Aqua’ all of which means that the Shampoo manufacturer wouldn’t like you to know that they use water in the making of your Shampoo, personally I would be relieved to know they use water and not say, oh I don’t know, Sulphuric Acid!

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