If you want nonsense you can always rely on the Chinese

Aren’t the Chinese wonderful?

They put together so many clever things that have been designed in so many far off lands and then if they can’t copy them, they steal the blueprints and make the things themselves.

If you want nonsense you can always rely on the Chinese

What a pity that the world hasn’t done two things. First let them know just how hamfisted they are and how bad their ‘mal-nufactured’ goods are and secondly, or do I mean thirdly? Tell them that looking over someone else’s shoulder and copying the designs of cars, phones, computers and so on and so forth is illegal! Probably not, and that is because we don’t what the buggers to all jump up and down at the same time and send the Earth out of orbit do we!

Oh well one day maybe someone else other than a Cat will tell them the truth. Hang on, what was the last sentence of this sign all about, has someone else decided to tell them what they think of them too?

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