How distasteful! A personal experience!

This is really rather distasteful, but then what do you expect from spammers?


This spam was sent to me from an address that you should add to your spam filter immediately, although if you are using Gmail you might ask what is the point of doing that because the spam filter there is a fair reflection of the company – crap! Oops sorry don’t usually use two bad words in a sentence ‘google’ and ‘crap’ what is the world coming too?

As far as I can tell this email is suggesting that you get rid of your family’s financial burden, by reducing your funeral costs, hmm I take that to mean that they are trying to insight us to kill the oldsters in the family. That isn’t very nice is it?

If you are daft enough to follow the link in the email, and I did, although I promise you I am not daft, I merely did it for research purposes, you get to a warning banner that prevents you from entering a site named ‘,’ which is according to the Firefox plugin WOT, which keeps you safe from nasty, creepy spammers and other internet crud has all of these features. There told you I was daft!


Who said Cat’s are merely decorative and don’t have a useful purpose in life? I’m useful and decorative!

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