What can you do with Ninety flatulent Cows?

I’m sure it isn’t a question that you as yourself every day. But what can you do with Ninety flatulent Cows?

Well happily this clever Cat has the answer, though whether you would want to get up to what these ninety cows did is a question for another day.

Cow female black white

Recently a farmer in Rasdorf, Germany got something of a surprise when he was keeping ninety cows locked up in their cow shed and the result of their, well let’s call it “collective efforts” blew the roof off the cow shed, sadly injuring one of the cows.

Apparently the combined product of the cows burps and err… bottom burps meeting a charge of static electricity caused Methane gas – and I am sure by now you know where that came from – to explode with flashes of flame and although other reports don’t say, probably an enormous bad smell.

Maybe that will teach farmers not to imprison cows in a cow shed!

Of course everyone knows that the place for cows is outside in the wind and preferably downwind if you get my meaning. Not everyone might know that cows are a lot like humans they are helping to warm the planet with their greenhouse gas emissions. Cows um let’s call it “emit” up to 500 litres of the greenhouse gas methane everyday of their adult lives, sadly you won’t find any farmer anywhere taxed into extinction by governments as they do with home owners and transport users who pay colossal amounts for their energy to keep them warm and on the move. Oh no farmers are special, they get government subsidies to help warm the planet.

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