Pardon! Could you repeat that please?

Though I don’t necessarily know much about it or am expert at using it I do love the English language and it’s amazing utility.

In the sign below the poor old English language is being hammered, annealed, stretched and generally buggered around with and it still makes sense… almost!

Yes it does hic Tajikistan bazaar

Oh dear I am sorry it doesn’t, it’s been beaten by an advert in a Tajik bazaar! Mind you it isn’t even the language that has been knocked over in this ad, it’s reality itself. Below is a picture of the closest landscape in Tajikistan to the one shown in the ad of a long white sandy beach edged with palm trees (where most ‘other’ people around the world do their ironing obviously according to a the Tajik ad agency who created the ad).

Tajikistan Landscape

The landscape is achingly pretty, even the areas affected by the 1992 civil war are beautiful.

There had to be a civil war didn’t there?

Then there is the picture of the bikini clad lady doing the ironing, now I know that not all of the lovely ladies of the west do their ironing in bikini’s, unlike the Takij ad executives, but as far as I am aware Tajik women haven’t adopted this fashion, they prefer this sort of outfit.

Women in Tajikistan mohair production

Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of a Tajik woman ironing or indeed in a bikini but the picture above is of women in Tajikistan producing Mohair. Sadly you can’t see the ‘Mo!’

By the way, Mohair comes from Goats and in my experience Goats the world over are very smelly, imagine what your hands smell like after a day of ‘producing’ Mohair.

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