Oh dear! It’s exam results time in the UK…

They say that Japan has the best education system in the world and believe it or not the UK is second, with South Korea third.

Well I don’t know where they people who complied that list get their information from because according to the list of answers to reasonably easy questions (that a Cat could answer without reference, and I don’t mean Google) a lot of students in the UK are very very dumb indeed.

Question: The first cells were probably…?

Answer: Lonely.

Question: Suggest one reason why it is a good idea to collect data by asking the public to observe when conkers open:

Answer: So the government doesn’t have to do it.

Question: What do the following chemical equations stand for – HCOONa:

Answer: Matata.

Question: Write an example of a risk:

Answer: This.

Question: When should a motorist use his or her bright beams?

Answer: When he wants to be an asshole

Question: Why are there rings on Saturn?

Answer: Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it

Question: Give a brief explanation of the meaning of the term ‘hard water’:

Answer: Ice

Question: What is the process for separating a mixture of chalk and sand?

Answer: A process called flirtation

Question: What is methane?

Answer: Methane is a smelly greenhouse gas which is produced when trees and or cows are burned.

Question: What is the meaning of the term ‘activation energy’?

Answer: It’s what is needed to get me up in the morning.

Terrible student

Every picture tells a story and pictures tend not to lie!

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