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It’s not that the local Communist Party officials in Heilongjiang province’s Tonghe County, China are terrified of senior Communist Party leaders, but when senior Communist Party leaders recently announced plans for a last-minute visit to the newly refurbished stadium in Heilongjiang province’s Tonghe County, China the officials decided to make sure that all the building work was finished.

The last bit of the jigsaw was the painting of the white lines on the track and so they worked night and day to accomplish what really aught to be the easy bit!

Sadly when daylight and reason dawned just before the senior Communist Party leaders arrival someone had a “hang on there a moment’ moment, the lines showing the lanes on the track were painted at right angles.

90 Running Track

“Well it was faster than painting curves,” one official admitted.

Now we can all laugh at this but really and truly the British shouldn’t because every time that group of ‘ordinary’ people headed by the queen visit, the paint brush and so much more comes out in any town. Really those ‘ordinary’ people have no idea exactly what the country they live in looks like, but then it is rather difficult to see it when you spend most of your time in the sun when not visiting places where the paint has yet to dry.

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