More wonderful translations from China and Google

Imagine you are a t-shirt printer and you are looking for a strong brand to use as a design for one of your t-shirts but of course you don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees to use the branding of an establish company. What do you do?

Well the answer is simple! Go to google, steal an imagine then trawl through google looking for words that they say turn up often in searches. And hey presto you have…

Poor Tshirt translation

It should be noted that 阴道 (Yīndào) is the Chinese word for um, er… oh yes, the word on the t-shirt. Actually I rather fancy a t-shirt with the Chinese characters 阴道 plastered all over it. Tee hee.

Lastly do you think that ten seconds before this picture was taken some clever dick of an English/Chinese speaker told the poor chap what the word on his t-shirt actually meant? I rather think that might be the case judging by his expression, don’t you?

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