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I always, wherever possible say no to Cookies downloaded onto my computer because I don’t believe in parting with private information for others to make a provide from. While most Cookies are pretty harmless and some beneficial to the operation of the website and therefore necessary some are not so good and track your internet use for a number of days.

Semi-decent companies who plonk cookies on your computer enable them to last for 30 days, others for longer, so far the record is 2,300 days.

While looking for a new note taking program I came across this company, Advanced Store ( who blew the record away. Their Cookies track your usage across the internet for an amazing 24,856. Surely that is, at best appalling and at worst really suspicious!

This is what they have to say for themselves.

Focus on new customers: scalable & sustainable increase in sales via digital reach outside of GAFA *

“My team and I are convinced that digital marketing is only efficient if it reconciles the different goals of advertisers, publishers and users. That is why we rely on our own media platform and programmatic tools that form the basis for all of our solutions. On the other hand, the modular architecture of our platform enables the integration of any third-party technology. This is how we bundle the requirements of the various marketing worlds so that they benefit from each other.”

Marc Majewski, CEO

*Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple

That’s geek speak for harvesting people’s private information without them realising, or bothering to stop them by reading the cookie policy on websites, which I thoroughly recommend.

Usually an honest site has a button that you can use to ‘reject all’ cookies, more dishonest ones eager to earn a few pennies from you losing onto their site make it far more difficult expecting you to put an X in dozens of boxes and the most dishonest even make you go to a new page to delete “legitimate interest cookies” which are the ones that will sell you stuff of course.

IGeeksBug Avanced Store Cookie Preferences

Here are their customers who use your personal information to manipulate you into buying their products and when you have to buy more.

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