Jubby Week is Over Thank Goodness


Platinum Jubbly

Well it’s over, unlike the monarchy unfortunately!

What did the world learn about the mentality of the British? Well in truth not much, as nations once robbed by the British Empire ditch the royal family as head of state they must look on in disbelief at the crowds of people wearing silly hats, fancy dress and in some cases only bunting or a flag waving like looneys on the night of the full moon and think that they are a bunch of down trodden fools.

Only a flag

Happily the antimonarchists, though in a minority, are growing and as the royals indulge themselves in an orgy of selfcongratulation millions of their subjects starve, ride buses to keep warm becasue they can’t afford to heat even one room of their homes and parents go without food so their children can eat.

Happily the time is coming when the UK will be a grown up country and have an elected head of state restricted to only a limited time enjoying the elitist trappings that come with the job. Instead of passing it on to ever more selfish and increasingly pointless individuals.


A Royal Warning

Sady for those who enjoy booing the discgraced prince was pretending to have Covid so that he didn’t remind the public that the royals are disgusting. I blame the parents!

Royal letters

Royal lies the queen doesn t smoke

It’s taxing being a queen, imagine being loaded down with all those jools. So she deserves a to have a moment to put her feet, have a fag and a pint. (not shown).


The royal Charade

It looks like the monarchy will stagger on bleeding the UK dry while mainly trying to avoid them, unless they need to alter a law to benefit themselves before parliament sees it. And look at the fine fellows, oops sorry fine fellow, champing at the bit to take over.



If you are new to the Platinum Jubby then you probably need an explanation to discover why the UK which is poor, hungry and can’t afford energy is spending over a billion pounds on this dreadfully pointless exercise, I’m sorry to say I don’t have one!

As exBritish Colonies, protectorates and places the Brits stole from indigenous people all over the world come to their senses and ditch the royal family and the queen as their head of state the UK goes flag potty and celebrates paying a fortune for the queen, her family, their children, her other relatives, cousins, second cousins and anyone else who manages to find favour with the queen.

The reason for all of this is that the good people have very little in the way of anything to celebrate, inflation is biting, energy prices are going to create mass bankruptcies, families can’t afford to feed their children and go without food to attempt to feed their kids, taxation for the poor and one time middle class is at an all time high, but not for the super wealth and companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google etc., who cleverly dodge paying tax anywhere in the world while amassing an unimagined fortune, so the poor souls need any limp excuse to celebrate, though where they are getting the energy, food and bunting from is a mystery to this cat.

All of which means that at the weekend some folk in the UK will don silly clothes and have large parties in the street consuming food that a lot of folk in the UK can no longer afford, while the tax dodging royal family visit various parts of the UK and offer platitudes, while any poor, hungry or rough sleepers are kept away from them for fear of contamination.

Here on my blog we will be offering pictures of someone’s beloved queen and wondering just how the monarchy has managed to survived into the 21st Century, to say nothing of her spoilt, selfish family and all the hanger-ons.

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