Why You Need A Pet Playpen

Why Do You Need A Pet Playpen You d Never Guess

I suppose there is an answer to the questions raised in this advert, but I think they are vastly different to the ones stated.

I’ve had a dog who bit furniture, in fact when he was a puppy he chewed a toaster, electric kettle a bookcase and several kitchen cabinets. I can even, at a stretch, believe that a dog might gnaw a wall and eat mud either deliberately or accidentally, but I have never come across a dog that has either the ambition or opportunity to swallow a dead person.

First of all where do you get a dead person for your dog? Secondly why would you leave one, if you have a dead person in a pet playpen.

Yes I have so many questions. Unless your pet isn’t a dog and is either a Crocodile or a very, very large snake! As you can see I ruled out dinosaur because that would just be bizarre, wouldn’t it?

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