At Last A brexit Benefit


Jacob Rees Mogg would be proud!

For our international readers a short explanation may be necessary. Jacob Rees Mogg is not a joke name, it is the name of a UK government who was demoted sometime ago from being Leader of The House of Commons, (a job which involves ensuring the wood is polished and the carpets are cleaned and the leather seats are comfy by lying on them I think) to Minister for brexit and Something Else, (a job that involved hunting for brexit benefits, to date the only one seems to be the freedom to use the ounces & pounds to weight stuff. This is based on an archaic French weight measuring system called the Avoirdupois Weighing System but please don’t tell him that).

Recently because he has so much time on his hands after seemingly giving up on looking for brexit benefits he has become a sort of monitor of Civil Servants office attendance.

For those people who continue working from home, something that apparently Jacob doesn’t like, (although in a recent check it was discovered that he is one of the worst offenders for not being at his place of work) he wanders around the House of Commons and other places of work and leaves condescending notes on the desks of people working from home in an effort to get them to return to the office.

Silly Rees Moog

What a silly Minister.

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